Oswego County Anti-Poverty Task Force
A Partnership of the County Legislature, County School Districts, and Community Leaders

Substance Use Disorder
and Recovery Team
Team Leader:
Teresa Woolson

Mission: Prevent substance abuse and increase recovery support services.

Goal 1 - Prevention via education.
Action Item 1 - Research will be conducted identifying the current community educational programming being provided.
Action Item 2 - Team will make contact with the Faith-Based Community regarding educational outreach.
Action Item 3 - Planning for the Oswego County SAFE Fair to be held April 24th in Oswego will be conducted.
Action Item 4 - A media campaign would be appropriate to inform the community about this Good Samaritan Law. The County Health Dept. has agreed to be involved in educational projects.

Goal 2 - Increasing rehabilitation services.
Action Item 1 - Research a listing of the current services available.
Action Item 2 - Proposed project for Oswego, a Medically Assisted Opioid Treatment Clinic. A Lead Agency has been selected for this. A long-term proposed project would include a new health center which would contain a variety of rehabilitation and support services.
Action Item 3 - Research the current services available. Identify the lack of and/or barriers to these services. Seek to identify options to increase rehabilitation services available in Oswego County.

Goal 3 - Enhancing Mentoring and Support Services goes along with Goal 2 and is a priority item.
Action Item 1 - Potential of a Peer Intern Program through Syracuse Behavioral Health.
Action Item 2 - Research and identify services currently available and seek options to increase and enhance support services. Research other counties successful programs.

Goal 4 - Identify policies that deter the recovery process and seek option s to change them. This goal has connections with Goals 2 and 3.
Action Item 1 - Contact the Sheriff and others to discuss the possibilities of providing a rehabilitation program for the local jail using Vivitrol.

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