Oswego County Anti-Poverty Task Force
A Partnership of the County Legislature, County School Districts, and Community Leaders

Our Mission

The Mission of the Community Heath and Poverty Reduction Task Force is to act as a steering committee to oversee the development and implementation of actions designed to improve health and reduce poverty in Oswego County and to report progress and recommendations to the Chairman of the Oswego County Legislature and the Superintendent of CITI (BOCES) the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation.

Alignment with other Organizations

As a public-private-partnership we seek to align with existing organizations where our missions overlap in order to augment services. That collaboration has created new opportunities to enhance and promote existing services and reduce redundancy.

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How do we grow the economy? How do we grow the middle-class? How do we improve job and housing opportunities for young professionals, young families and for families fighting to be self-sustaining? These are just some of the questions we will being trying to answer for the sake of the future viability of Oswego County.

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