Oswego County Anti-Poverty Task Force
A Partnership of the County Legislature, County School Districts, and Community Leaders

Community Empowerment Coordinator:
Daniel LeClair, Oswego County Legislator,
Chair Human Services Committee,
Ordained Minister

Mission: Develop a suite of transportable initiatives, "Community Empowerment Tools," designed to help cities, towns and villages to help themselves.

Focus: Strengthening communities through innovation and collaboration.

Ambassador Program
Life Skills Curriculum
Community Conservation Corps
Oswego County Land Bank
Regional Ecumenical Collaborative

Ambassador Program
Designed to work under the guidance of the Department of Social Services and the Human Services Collaborative Team. "Ambassadors" would include elected officials, government employees, clergy, emergency service workers and public school personnel, etc., who have been trained to access a variety of services according to the One Stop and No Wrong Door philosophy.
Life Skills Curriculum
The "Life Skills Curriculum" is a certificate program designed to instill workplace behaviors and expectations that will help marginal workers gain confidence, soft skills and ultimately mobility. Additional customized programs will include Literacy, GED, Violence Prevention, Parenting Skills, Health, Nutrition, Family Planning and Basic Financial acumen.
Community Conservation Corps
Modeled after the CCC of the 1930s the "Community Conservation Corps" is designed to empower communities and municipalities to take problems of blight, upkeep, conservation and beautification into their own hands. Oswego County is researching the use of Public Service Corporations, and Trade Union apprentice programs to employ local people and volunteers to build. repair and renovate public buildings, trails, parks structures, and to rehabilitate properties taken in tax foreclosure or donated to the Oswego County land Bank.
Oswego County Land Bank Corporation / Oswego County Renaissance Association
An initiative to reduce blight, increase real estate investment, improve neighborhoods, stabilize property values and return useful tax foreclosed property to the tax rolls. The goal of this initiative is to educate municipalities and home owners about the tools available to them to rehab neighborhoods. Modeled after the Oswego Renaissance Association, this initiative can increase community pride and encourage property ownership.
Regional Ecumenical Collaborative
Our ecumenical community already does an amazing amount of work for those in need. This initiative is designed to enhance collaboration between parishes and communities to create efficiencies of scale and to reduce redundancy. This should also free certain volunteers to fill gaps in services in ways that government is slow or unable to respond to. This is a volunteer and need-based effort that has tremendous promise.
Local Community Empowerment Teams
Once our suite of Community Empowerment Tools are defined, we plan to encourage the creation of localized Community Empowerment Teams to implement to put the suite of tools to work in ways that will be most beneficial to the locality.
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